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Teacher Training 2022-23

Level 1 AcroYogaPrem®️

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5 MODULES (one weekend a month)


Yoga Alliance continuous training 100 hours


Start your path as an AcroYoga teacher with us in this ninth edition

⁣This course is aimed at all those people who are dedicated to the world of movement, body awareness, body and mind work, who want to expand their capabilities and knowledge either to deepen their personal practice, nurture other types of techniques, dedicate yourself to different areas of teaching or to start your path as an acroyoga teacher.

AcroYoga Prem Teacher Training equips you to teach AcroYoga effectively, confidently, eloquently and creatively. In other words, this training focuses on deepening your understanding of a more holistic acroyoga practice so that you can convey the teaching from an inclusive view of acrobatics with yogic consciousness.


This training is based on decades of teaching in different areas. The depth of our knowledge is nourished from different sources, we feel fortunate to create an experience that can support the refinement of your personal practice and the development of your teaching.


- Vinyasa Yoga for stunts.
- Vinyasa Yoga for Thai Massage and therapeutic flights.
- Inverted Training: headstand, forearm stand and handstand.
- Handstand training on dogs (pine table).
- Pranayama (breathing techniques)
- Meditation.
-Bhakti Yoga

- Conditioning with acro as a couple
- L and belly base: asanas, flows & washing machine
- Standing base (acrobatic carries)
- Acrodance
- Creativity laboratory
- Levels Lab

- Pops
- Whips
- Icarians

- Development in caregiver technique
- Assistance and adaptations


- Thai Yoga Massage
- Therapeutic Flights
- Couples Yoga

- Teacher ethics: humility and coherence
- Yogic Philosophy
- The teacher's way
- Inclusive Vision
- Progressive development of skills
- Anatomy for injury prevention
- Group dynamics and games
- Create, care for and grow your community.
- Teaching methodology in pairs, alone, in a group or with an assistant
- Design of classes adapted to different levels
- Different formats of classes and workshops
- Energy management in the room
- Teaching experience in the real world
- Aligning your life purpose
- Teaching from authenticity


For AcroYoga Prem it is very important to know the prerequisites that will facilitate your training. Having training in Yoga is a very good foundation, but it is not mandatory, even so, we recommend that students train as a Yoga teacher in the future. 



1. Have experience in AcroYoga (there is no minimum required in the 5-module format, since we learn progressively during the months of training).

2. Practice a discipline that works on strength, flexibility and concentration.

3. Have completed a 30-hour immersion with AcroYoga Prem (it can be done after the training, since they are complementary content).

4. The applicant must complete a telephone interview with the school before making the reservation. (to talk about your experience, objectives, doubts, etc.)

Meet the team that will guide you in this training


The teachers in this training areDavid Barreto and Laura Beltran.We will also have other professors and assistant professors, in the different modules of the course and in the final Retreat. 

Untitled Design (17).png

David has been a yogi, martial artist, therapist and acrobat for many years. He started with Yoga in 1997 and taught since 2000. He started with AcroYoga in 2007 and taught since 2009. He is also trained in Ayurveda therapies and Thai Yoga Massage.

In acrobatics David learns from the Cuban circus school and Acrosport in Europe. 

Belonging to the first generation of international acroyoga teachers in Latin America, after several years of dedication to teaching.decided in 2016 to found AcroYoga Prem, a way of learning and teaching taking into account human value.

Co-founder of Hanuman Yoga School for Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teachers 500 hours Yoga Alliance.


Co-founder of Acroyoga Comunitat Festival, the first AcroYoga festival in the Valencia Community. 

DSC04051 mod.jpg

Laura is a yogi who loves art and communication. Carry out the project

AcroYoga Prem with its founder David Barreto, where she also works as a trainer in immersions and training.


She is a teacher of AcroYoga and different styles of Yoga such as Integral Yoga or Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, and a student of traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Art therapist and Graduate in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Laura discovered rhythmic gymnastics as a child and since then, moved by visual communication and movement, she has practiced different sports and artistic disciplines.

Co-founder of Hanuman Yoga School for Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teachers 500 hours Yoga Alliance.


Co-founder of Acroyoga Comunitat Festival, the first AcroYoga festival in the Valencia Community. 

They will also accompany you in this edition:

_enricbou14_My name is Enric, I really like all kinds of sports, my path with the ac
IMG_4584 abel.jpg

⭐ The course includes

  • AcroYoga teacher training by 9 hours each day in facilities with tatami and all the necessary material.

  • Exclusive printed AcroYoga teacher training manual with theoretical and practical content, pedagogy, vinyasa sequences, acro asanas, flows, acrodanza, Thai massage and more.

  • Additional free benefits on our website (profile page and bio)*

  • AcroYogaPrem®️ Teacher Certificate that can add international registration in the Yoga Alliance as continuous training of 100 hours.


 ⭐ In addition you will also enjoy


  • School advice for your classes, courses, workshops and lifelong projects.

  • Discounts and collaborations on our courses and events.

  • Possibility of collaborating as an assistant professor in future editions of our courses and trainings and events.

  • Continuous training and support in your growth on the path of AcroYoga. 

⭐ Does not include

  • Accommodation

  • Foods

  • Transportation to the course location

*We can recommend a place or contact you with participants to share if necessary.

*We can also put you in contact with participants in your area to share a trip.

Course price


You have two payment methods, so you can choose the one that best suits you:



Reserve your place by paying the registration fee and pay the payment on the first day of training.

"Normal course price"



Reserve your place by paying the registration fee

and pay the rest in installments monthly

during the 5 modules.

"Normal course price"

booking before September 23

or until completing the10 first places



Registration process

  1. Fill out the following form

  2. Send us a WhatsApp to make an appointment to meet us and we will call you. (+34 658797701 Laura)

  3. Reserve your place by paying the registration fee (400 e) and send your receipt (
    *(we will send you the payment information after the telephone interview)

  4. We will confirm your place by email.

Cancellation policy

The seat reservation deposit is non-refundable. This deposit covers administrative and organizational expenses, such as payment for your place in the room, printing of the manual, etc.​

If due to force majeure and duly justified reasons the student cannot take the training, the reservation will be kept for another edition or school activity for one year. (The school reserves the right to request the necessary documents in these cases and make the final decision on said issue)


Rodolant Acrobatics,Vázquez Mella Street, 45, ground floor, 12006  Castellón de la Plana, Valencian Community, Spain 

Rodolant is a ground and aerial acrobatic training center and school, with facilities specially prepared for the practice of disciplines such as: gymnastics, acrobatics, yoga, fabrics, dance, etc. 

rodolant 2.jpeg

daily schedule

08:00 Vinyasa Yoga for AcroYoga

09:00 Handstand Training

09:45 AcroYoga Training 

12:00 Break

12:10 Continuation of AcroYoga training

14:00 Break for lunch and rest

16:00 Teaching theory and methodology

18:00 Thai Massage

19:00 Closing   


El curso está estructurado en dos partes:

  • MÓDULO 1: 26 y 27 NOVIEMBRE

  • MÓDULO 2: 17 y 18 DICIEMBRE

  • MÓDULO 3: 11 y 12 FEBRERO 

  • MÓDULO 4: 11 Y 12 MARZO

  • MÓDULO 5: 22 Y 23 ABRIL (RETIRO)


*la pensión del retiro no está incluida en el precio del curso, se abonará a parte, ( 90-120 euros aprox. el fin de semana completo)​


*Para obtener la certificación de 100 horas debes cursar y completar TODOS LOS MÓDULOS.

*Esta formación es apta para aplicar en la Yoga Alliance como formación continua YACEP


sandra satin.jpeg

Sandra Satin

It has been a training planned with great care and love, where everything was very well organized and the needs, tastes, levels...etc of each person were taken into account at all times.

Great quality training and also a very enriching personal experience.

Eternally grateful. Thanks a lot!!

javi ercilla.png

Javier  Ercilla

The Acroyoga Prem team is endowed with a sensitivity and balance between many aspects of Yoga, acrobatics and humanity in general. That direction, that of feeling more and more with less, may be a great little revolution for our consciences bloated by excess, marketing and always going for more. Thank you for the proposal and I recommend it without any reservations.



What a good training! I had a great time training as a teacher with them!! Very good environment, a very complete course that has helped me not only to be able to teach with confidence, security and love but has also allowed me to considerably improve my level of Acroyoga.

Laura and David, a loving couple and a wealth of knowledge, I 100% recommend training with them!


Miguel Algel Burdalo

Laura and David are super professional and take the training experience to another level. Very accessible and careful with everything they do. Super happy to have started me in the world of acroyoga with your school.
Both the dives and the courses generate a super intense and pleasant group energy.
I have always had a great time with them.
Congratulations for your work!


Diana Marin Ortiz

Delighted and in love with the experience of this course. It has been incredible the learning, laughter, affection, camaraderie and a lot of fun that I have received these days. David and Laura, as well as the other assistant professors, are excellent professionals who know how to transmit their great knowledge accompanied by good humor and a lot of affection. Without a doubt totally recommended and of course I will continue doing courses and workshops with them because this is very engaging!!! THANK YOU!

esther .jpeg

Tada is Yoga, Esther.

AcroyogaPrem is family, friends, shelter, common sense, joy, work, fun, the feeling from the moment you arrive until you leave of being in a safe place.
I feel very proud to be part of this community and to continue growing alongside you, without a doubt, a School of honor. THANK YOU 😊


Belén Baquero Miró

After 4 intense days of acryoga with professionals like you, I can only say that thank you, I have learned a lot, improved my level, met great people and look forward to doing the following trainings with you! a unique experience! Thank you thank you thank you!

IMG_8139 MOD.jpg

Javier Guerrero

I learned a lot with this training. Very personal treatment and great content.


Samuele Piaza


The most incredible thing is the teacher's experience... phenomenal course in all aspects.

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