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  • Teacher trained in Acroyoga and founder of AcroYoga Prem.

  • Yoga Teacher E-RYT-500 Yoga Alliance.

  • Trained in Ayurveda therapies and instructor and therapist in Thai Yoga Massage.

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(David Barreto)


Hello, I'm Deva, a passionate Acroyoga teacher with a deep connection to play, movement, teaching and philosophy. Since discovering this wonderful practice, I have completely dedicated myself to sharing my passion with others.

Play is a fundamental part of my approach as an Acroyoga teacher. I believe in the importance of experiencing joy and freedom through play, allowing my students to explore their creativity and personal expression while developing physical and communication skills.

Movement is a form of expression and connection with our body and our environment. Through Acroyoga, I invite my students to explore conscious movement, develop strength, flexibility and balance, while cultivating greater body awareness and a deeper connection with themselves and others.

Teaching is my passion and I love sharing my knowledge and experience with my students. My goal is to create a safe and stimulating learning environment, where each student feels supported and motivated to grow and push their limits.

Philosophy is an important aspect of my Acroyoga practice. I explore concepts such as trust, effective communication and teamwork, and how they can be applied both on and off the mat. I believe in the transformative power of the practice of Acroyoga to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

As a teacher, I am proud to see the growth and transformation of my students as they develop physical and emotional skills through Acroyoga. My goal is to inspire my students through teaching, play, mindful movement, and philosophy.


If you are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth through Acroyoga, I invite you to join my classes and experience the magic of this fun and transformative practice!


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