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AcroYoga Prem Teacher Training
La Calera, Colombia
June 27 - July 7

AcroYoga Prem®️ 11 days of official certified training and Yoga Alliance 100 hours (YACEP)

⭐Start your path as an AcroYoga teacher with us in this tenth edition⭐

At AcroYoga Prem we accompany you to train you to teach AcroYoga in an effective, safe, eloquent and creative way. In other words, this training focuses on deepening your understanding of a more holistic acroyoga practice so that you can convey the teaching from an inclusive view of acrobatics with yogic consciousness.

​Join this fun and challenging way to stay active and physically fit, in emotional well-being and connection with others, promoting trust, communication and teamwork.

This training is based on decades of teaching in different areas. The depth of our knowledge is nourished from different sources, we feel fortunate to create a unique experience that can support the overcoming of all your limitations and fears, while providing you with a refinement of your personal growth and the development of teaching skills.


  • If you dedicate yourself to the world of movement, body awareness, body and mind work.⁣⁣

  • If you want to expand your capabilities and knowledge, either to deepen your personal practice or to nurture other types of disciplines.⁣⁣

  • If you want to dedicate yourself and enhance different areas of teaching or to start your path as an acroyoga teacher.⁣

  • If you are looking to improve interpersonal connection, confidence and personal improvement.




  • From June 27 to July 7, 2024.

  • Location: "Children of the Mountain" Retreat Center  San José Vereda. La Calera, Colombia.

Sons of the Mountain Retreat Center is located within the beautiful farm "Los Alisos" located towards the mountainous northeast of Bogotá, about 45 minutes by car and one hour by public transportation.

The center has a beautiful rural house with shared rooms for 4 and 6 people and a tent option. 

The training will take place in a large dome with beautiful views of the surroundings.




  • 1.350 USD super Early Bird (open again only for the next 3 places)

  • 1.450 USD Early Bird until 31 May

  • 1.650 USD normal price



Additional contribution for accommodation and meals:


  • Option 1: full board at campsite 322 USD

  • Option 2: full board in shared rooms 385 USD

  • Option 3: Full board in private double cabin: 535 USD



*Book your spot with 350 USD

What does the training include?

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1350 USD


The theory

  • History of Yoga and AcroYoga

  • ​Yogic Philosophy​

  • Inclusive Vision in AcroYoga

  • Progressive skill development

  • Anatomy and biomechanics applied to Acroyoga, and injury prevention

  • Create, care for and grow your community

  • The concept of Sanga (yogic community)

  • Teaching experience in the real world

  • Consent in the practice of AcroYoga

  • Teacher ethics and code of conduct

  • Aligning your life purpose

  • Finding your voice 

  • Teaching from authenticity


The Practice 

  • Vinyasa Yoga for Acroyoga

  • Breathing techniques (Pranayama)

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Inverted training: headstand and forearm stand

  • Vertical Training (Handstand)

  • Partner acro conditioning

  • Construction of flows & washing machines

  • Pops, Whips and Icarios

  • Progressions in acro standing & dance lift

  • Creativity laboratory

  • Levels Laboratory 

AYPTT 2024 AGOSTO (Post para Instagram) (1080 x 1350 px)_edited.jpg

The Teaching Methodology

  • Sequencing and creative process.

  • Group dynamics and games​

  • Verbal prompts and adjustments

  •  Teaching methodology in pairs, individuals and groups.

  • Design of classes adapted to different levels

  • Different formats of classes and workshops

  • Different forms of communication

  • Inclusive and respectful language

  • Energy management in the class group

  • Teaching Practice

  • Evolution in spoter technique​​​



For AcroYoga Prem, the prerequisites that will facilitate your training are very important. Having training in Yoga is an advantage, but it is not necessary.


  • 1. Have experience in AcroYoga​​.

  • 2. The applicant must submit a video of the following skills in their best role with the following skills in AcroYoga:

1. Side star both sides 

2. Star

3. Free shoulder stand

4. Foot to Hand under 

5. Both Sides Wagon Wheel

6. Throne to whale transition

7. Barrel Wheel Washing Machine

8. Calibration in the box 

9. Child to Iron Calibration

10. The handstand (handstand) 10 seconds (can be with a caregiver or with the wall)​

​Prerequisites Video



1. Fill out the following form:

2. You will receive a confirmation email if you are accepted.  

3. Reserve your place with a non-refundable deposit of 350 USD​.

​4. Send your recorded video of the prerequisites before July 15.

*️ The deposit is non-refundable. If due to force majeure and duly justified reasons the student cannot take the training, the reservation will be kept for another edition or school activity for one year.


IMG_8139 MOD_edited.jpg

Javier Guerrero

"I learned a lot with this training. Very personal treatment and great content"

Spain 2017 Edition


Collet Read

It's been a month since I completed the Acroyoga Prem teacher training course and I'm still excited!

I also participated in the Acroyoga Prem four-day immersion in April and both were incredible experiences.

The energy that Laura and David transmit to their students is simply beautiful, they have found that perfect balance between being very professional, making sure that everyone is learning and practicing the technical part safely while giving us space to have fun, play, laugh and share . (that balance is really what acroyoga is all about!)

Each of the teachers and assistants played such an important role in our training and I am so grateful to all of them for their time.

I am very happy to be part of the Acroyoga Prem family and am excited to see where my acroyoga journey takes me!

Spain 2022 Edition


Javi Ercilla

The Acroyoga Prem team is endowed with a sensitivity and balance between many aspects of Yoga, acrobatics and humanity in general. That direction, that of feeling more and more with less, may be a great little revolution for our consciences bloated by excess, marketing and always going for more. Thank you for the proposal and I recommend it without any reservations.

Spain 2020 Edition


Octavio Fernandez

"The best training I have ever done. It undoubtedly improves all expectations. For me the most important thing is to have learned to teach safely, honestly, professionally and in a structured way. I would repeat every year."

Spain 2017 Edition


Miguel Burdalo

Laura and David are super professional and take the training experience to another level. Very accessible and careful with everything they do. Super happy to have started in the world of acroyoga with your school. Both the immersions and the training course generate a super intense and pleasant group energy. I have always had a great time with them. Congratulations on your work!

Spain 2021 Edition

Encuentro Acroyoga Liria_Acroyogaprem_ValoaStudio (79).jpg

Adriana Belmonte

I have recently completed the Acroyoga Prem teacher course and I can say that it is worth doing. There are 11 days of immersion in a good environment, with very professional and at the same time super close teachers, who manage to create an atmosphere of collaboration and good vibes among the students who participate. The bases they give you are really very useful and the pedagogical part is also super interesting. Thank you! :)

Spain 2023 Edition


Esther de Frutos

AcroyogaPrem is family, friends, shelter, common sense, joy, work, fun, the feeling from the moment you arrive until you leave of being in a safe place. I feel very proud to be part of this community and to continue growing alongside you, without a doubt, a School of honor. THANK YOU 😊

Spain 2021 Edition


Maeva Maevita

"What a great training! I had a great time training as a teacher with them!! Very good environment, a very complete course that has helped me not only to be able to teach with confidence, security and love but has also allowed me to considerably improve my level of Acroyoga. Laura and David, a loving couple and a wealth of knowledge, I 100% recommend training with them."

Spain 2019 Edition

The team that will accompany you in this training!

Deva (David Barreto

Teacher trained in AcroYoga with a passion for Flows, Whips and Icarians. Yoga instructor

E-RYT500 and YACEP Yoga Alliance supplier. Founder and director at AcroYoga Prem.

Ayurveda therapist and Thai Yoga Massage teacher. 

DSC04265 mod cuadrada.jpg

Laura Beltran

Teacher trained in AcroYoga with a passion for Flows and Whips. RYT500 Yoga Teacher & E-RYT 200.

Trained in Reiki and Art Therapy. Ayurveda Therapist.

AYPREM Trainer Teacher.


Jesús Montoya

Teacher trained in AcroYoga with a passion for Standing, Icarios and Whips. RYT200 Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher. Therapist and instructor in Thai Yoga Massage.

AYPREM Trainer Teacher


Enric Bou

Teacher trained in AcroYoga with a passion for Flwos, Icarians & Standig.

AYPREM Trainer Teacher

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-05 at 23.11.53.jpeg

Valentina Weber

Teacher trained in AcroYoga with a passion for Standing, Whips, Icarios and Verticals. AYPREM Trainer Teacher

Stefi Pacini 2.JPG

Stefi Pacini

Teacher trained in Acroyoga with a passion for Flows, Whips and Icarios. Co-founder and organizer of several Acroyoga festivals in Argentina. AYPREM Trainer Teacher


Chelsea Casserli

Acroyoga teacher passionate about Flows, Whips, Icarios and Standing.

AYPREM Trainer Professor.


Super Early Bird

1350 USD

Active again only for the next 3 spots.

Early Bird

1450 USD

Before May 31


1650 USD

Normal Price

Accommodation and meals

322 USD

At Camping

385 USD

In shared rooms

535 USD

In private double cabin

Benefits of training with us 

  • AcroYoga teacher training for more than 9 hours each day in facilities with tatami in the middle of nature.

  • Exclusive AcroYoga Prem teacher training manual printed in color with theoretical and practical content, pedagogy, vinyasa sequences, acro asanas, flows, acrodanza, Thai massage and more.

  • Space on our website for your profile and bio.

  • Official certificate of AcroYogaPrem®️ teacher who can add international registration in the Yoga Alliance as YACEP continuous training 100 hours.

Additional benefits after training

  • School advice for your classes, courses, workshops and projects.

  • Discounts and collaborations on our upcoming courses and events.

  • Possibility of participating as an assistant professor in future editions of our courses to refine your teaching.

  • Continuous training and support in your growth on the path of AcroYoga.


Additional workshops during the training

Bhakti Yoga

Mantras, Kirtan and tradition



Abhyanga massage with oil



Aquatic massage


Art Therapy

Creative exercises

terapia-artistica (1)_edited.png
  • What does official certificate mean in AcroYoga Prem?
    Our trademarked transcript is an official document that reflects the AcroYoga Training curriculum. Several of our students have presented this certificate to validate the skills in the professional diploma as Yoga teachers and have been accepted.
  • Will I have enough or too much level to take the Training?
    In teacher training, groups are trained according to the level of each practitioner, and it is taught by qualified teachers who adapt each technique and exercise to the level of the student, giving options for each need and situation, whether at a basic or intermediate level. or advanced. We train in adapted groups for a more personalized experience and achieve goals.
  • Are accommodation and meals included?
    Yes, but we show the prices for accommodation and meals separately since we have different accommodation options.
  • What is Yoga Alliance YACEP certified?
    YACEP translates as Yoga Teacher who offers Continuing Education , that is, Yoga Alliance recognizes that this person and/or school has extensive experience as a teacher and offers specialized classes, courses and workshops related to the educational values that the Yoga Alliance recognize. Our founder Deva (David Barreto), being a YACEP supplier, not only has a long history as a yoga teacher with more than 25 years teaching recognized by the Yoga Alliance, but also has extensive experience in AcroYoga, fulfilling the values that Yoga Alliance demands. This Yoga Alliance International Certificate can only be registered on a 200-hour yoga training basis. For more information ask us privately.
  • What is the philosophy and pedagogical approach behind acroyoga training?
    Community and Collaboration: Fosters an environment of mutual support, trust and respect among participants, promoting the idea that together we can achieve more than we could do individually. Body and Mind Awareness: Prioritizes developing body awareness, conscious breathing, and mindfulness during practice, allowing students to connect with their own body and mind in a deeper way. Safety and Responsibility: Emphasizes safety and care during practice, encouraging students to take responsibility for their well-being and that of their fellow practitioners. Creative Exploration and Self-Expression: Promotes an environment of creative exploration and self-expression, encouraging participants to discover and develop their own style and approach within the practice of acroyoga. Integration of Traditional and Modern Elements: Seeks to balance the traditional heritage of acroyoga with contemporary approaches, adapting the practice to current needs and contexts.
  • What are the benefits of completing acroyoga training?
    Apart from the physical, emotional and mental benefits that you can obtain by completing our acroyoga training, you also obtain benefits on a professional level, including the development of communication and teamwork skills, stress management and well-being, the promotion of creativity and problem solving, and promoting body and mind awareness.
  • What exactly are the prerequisites to participate in acroyoga teacher training?
    We have only one requirement to participate in the training, which is that you can complete the fundamental acroyoga skills that appear in our prerequisite video. You can sign up right now and then record and send the video until July 15 (video below👇).
  • What is the advantage of doing an intensive 11-day acroyoga training in the middle of nature?
    Immersion in a natural environment: The opportunity to practice acroyoga in the midst of nature provides an enriching environment that encourages connection with the natural environment and allows for a deeper experience of the discipline. Disconnection and focus: Immersion in nature during intensive training provides the opportunity to disconnect from everyday distractions, facilitating complete focus on the acroyoga practice and the learning process. Well-being and balance: Contact with nature can contribute to emotional and mental well-being, promoting a sense of calm, balance and renewal that can enhance the learning experience. Personal growth: The combination of intensive acroyoga practice with immersion in nature can provide an environment conducive to personal growth, self-knowledge and the development of self-improvement skills.


7:00 Breakfast

9:00 Yoga, Mobility & handstand

10:00 AcroYoga Flows Training

11:30 Break, fruits and snacks


12:00Development of acrobatic skills


14:00 Meal


15:00 Teaching Methodology and Fundamentals

16:00 Creativity laboratory and levels


17:00 Theory: Philosophy, ethics, sequencing, anatomy, etc.

17:30 Thai Massage & Couple Yoga

19:30 Dinner


21:30 Sanga, Kirtna and community

*Subject to change

What makes us differentis

History and tradition in Yoga and Acroyoga:Our long history as teachers trained in yoga, Acroyoga and healing arts gives us deep knowledge and understanding of various disciplines, which is reflected in the quality and breadth of our training.


Proven Experience and Track Record:With 8 years of experience and 11 editions of training, we have demonstrated a solid and continuous commitment to excellence in teaching acroyoga, backed by the testimony of numerous satisfied students.


Comprehensive and Holistic Approach:Our training encompasses a holistic perspective that combines the wisdom of yoga with the precision of acrobatics, allowing you to cultivate confidence, joy and community in a comprehensive way.


Emphasis on Safety and Connection:We place a strong emphasis on safety, respect and connection between participants, creating a rich and fun learning environment that fosters trust and communication.


High Quality Teacher Training: Our evolutionary teacher training programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become certified Acroyoga teachers, with a focus on safety, respect and connection between participants.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation at the Finca "Children of the Mountain" is a colonial house with ample capacity located in the middle of the mountains to the northwest of Bogotá. It has an incredible natural setting with leafy trees and mountains. We will enjoy shared rooms for 4 and 6 people and camping tent options. It has a large kitchen, dining room, yoga room and a large training dome with a high ceiling and tatami surrounded by green areas for training.

For food we have a wonderful chef with a long history as a lacto-vegetarian and vegan cook.

Previous editions

Domingos de Jam en el _solerototombeach con la comunidad de AcroYoga en Castellón 💚😍_En
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Upcoming events

10-11-12 May

Advanced Intensive Acroyoga

11-12-13-14 Julio

AcroParty Barcelona 

25-26-27 October

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