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AcroYoga Prem has a training system based on years of experience in Yoga, Acro and Thai Massage. Driven by the motivation to unite all people from different walks of life.


We dream of a world where through movement, art and fun we celebrate common well-being. Making new friends while having fun and learning is our greatest inspiration.


The practice begins with three people as the smallest number in a community, where the three come together to improve communication, support skills, overcome limits, and thus turn the present moment into one of the best experiences in life.


AcroYoga Prem focuses on effective, safe, eloquent and creative teaching. In other words, our training deepens an understanding of amore comprehensive acroyoga practice so that you can transmit the teaching from an inclusive vision.


The history

In 2016, Deva (David Barreto) founded our acroyoga school with a clear vision in mind: to keep the essence of this beautiful discipline alive as a comprehensive, fun and healing practice. Acroyoga is not only a physical art, but an experience that awakens the body, mind and spirit.

In our school, we recognize that the sequences or flows of yoga, Thai massage, lunar acroyoga and dynamic acroyoga are the basis that allows us to explore our limits and open processes of personal improvement. Each movement invites us to trust our companions and ourselves, creating a unique bond of connection and empowerment.

But beyond the practice itself, we understand the importance of human value and inclusion in our community. We believe that everyone, regardless of age, gender, skill level, or previous experience, deserves the opportunity to experience the benefits of acroyoga.

At our school, we strive to create a safe and welcoming space where each individual feels valued and respected. Our highly trained instructors not only teach the techniques of acroyoga, but also cultivate a supportive and collaborative environment.

We are proud to be a community that supports and cares for its members. Through community events, workshops, and inclusion programs, we strive to expand the reach of acroyoga and its transformative capacity.

From our school, we have seen how acroyoga has opened doors and led our students to overcome personal challenges, find self-confidence, and build meaningful relationships. We are committed to continuing to be a platform for personal growth and community togetherness.

We invite you to join our acroyoga school, where we will keep the essence of this evolutionary practice alive, opening paths to personal improvement through our events, courses and training, valuing the power of acroyoga to heal and unite people.

We are waiting for you with open arms in the AcroYoga Prem family!

Our team

Our Partners

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