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«EXHALE 2021-INHALE 2022»

 DEC 31 - 1 AND 2  JANUARY

Can you imagine being in the middle of nature, surrounded by beautiful people, and enjoying activities that enrich your body, soul and spirit, to welcome the new year?

We have a good plan to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022 with the best energies, from December 31 to January 2, we assure you of excellent days to share joy, fun, enjoy, relax, connect and feel from the heart.

Exhale 2021- Inhala 2022 is a Retreat designed for these holidays of the year where it is important not to forget care and practice, we accompany you to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year with the best energy, three days where  We will experience yogic practices to balance body and mind, which will help us maintain a high and healthy vibration.⁣ With moments for rest, without forgetting about fun and enjoyment. And most importantly, sharing and connecting with beautiful people like you. You can come accompanied or alone, together we create a safe and comfortable environment to share and enjoy all the activities.

In addition to living these days in a natural environment, far from noise and the saturation of everyday life, we will enjoy delicious food  vegetarian, vegan, made with organic and local products.⁣

We are Laura Beltrán and David Barreto certified teachers of Yoga, AcroYoga and healing arts. We invite you to inspire us as free souls through these disciplines, which we will share with dance, music, meditation, art and personal growth.⁣

The meeting will be in an unbeatable and magical environment in the province of Lérida, at one end of the medieval village of Belianes, in the region of l'Urgell.

Three days thought and designed based on balance, with different workshops for beginners and those with experience in Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation, Acroyoga, Thai Massage, philosophy, restorative yoga, art therapy, group dynamics and some more surprises; where you will also have free time spaces for you, to do what you want most, a walk in the countryside, read, chat, draw, enjoy music, rest...


Where will the Retreat be?

Cal Massot

(Belianes, Lleida)

The Retreat will take place in an unbeatable and magical environment, from December 31, 2021 to January 2, 2022, in Cal Massot, Belianes, province of Lérida.

A space designed to develop a full life full of harmony and well-being. The house is an old oil mill, now converted into a place of retreat, created from the soul, where you can learn the importance of good nutrition, relax and enjoy a privileged environment. With beautiful views across the fields, beautiful activity rooms, shared dormitories and double rooms, tasty and exquisite vegetarian food with a vegan option. A pleasure for the senses and the mind, the retreat includes a special New Year's Eve dinner and a special New Year's meal.


40 min. from Lérida and 60 minutes from Tarragona, the house is located at one end of the medieval village of Belianes, in the region of l'Urgell, Lleida. Belianes is surrounded by fields of vineyards and olive trees where you can take a pleasant walk, observe and enjoy nature or enjoy the beautiful sunsets in the countryside.

The space offers an experience in  Full of nature and far from big cities, it invites us to silence, peace and harmony.

The area is classified as a ZEPA area (special bird protection area). Birds are very diverse, their melody and flight always accompany us in the garden of the house.

Belianes is located within the towns of the Cistercian Route, since about 8 km away is the Monastery of Vallbona de les Monges, a few km to the south are the Monasteries of Poblet and Santes Creus.

In the surroundings is the Estany d'Ivars i Vilassana, a beautiful pond, the Tàrrega Equestrian Center and the Corb River, among other places of interest.

** Space free of smoke and television *


The house has a lot of history, the oldest part dates back to the 17th century, it is an old oil mill, later it was a paternal house.

The house has two main buildings joined by beautiful arches, with a garden in the middle, reminiscent of a cloister. For 15 years the house has been dedicated to hosting yoga groups and other personal growth therapies.

In April 2020, some new hosts fell in love with the house, passionate about rural life, yoga and other therapies, motivated to continue hosting people and therapeutic groups, and placing emphasis on social projects.

We will enjoy two very spacious rooms with ventilation and natural light, equipped for practicing the Retreat activities.

Common spaces

1 Community bathroom room that has 7 showers and 5 toilets.
5 individual bathrooms in different areas of the house.
2 Dining rooms, one with fireplace.
2 reading rooms with sofas inside the house.
3 chill out areas with sofas and armchairs on the porches of the house.
Gardened area.



1 Room with 3 bunk beds (for 6 people)
2 Rooms with 6 bunk beds (for 12 people each)


4 double suite rooms with own bathroom
4 double rooms with shared bathroom


 About the food

The food is VEGETARIAN-VEGAN Organic homemade. With seasonal and local products.

*Upon prior request, special menus can be prepared for participants with allergens and intolerances. Also for gluten intolerant.

Who can participate?

All those people who want to receive the new year in a different way by sharing with others who want to connect with the same energy.


  • No previous experience in any discipline is necessary.

  • Is not necessary to come in pairs.

  • We all support each other to build the practice.

the program

Orientative PROGRAM subject to small changes due to organizational security or meteorological needs.

FRIDAY 31 (New Year's Eve):

15:00 Arrival at Cal Massot

17:30. Welcome Circle

18:00 Yoga Class & Acro in community.

20:00 Concert of mantras, quartz bowls, gong and songs of peace by Oriol Ginestà.

9:00 PM Vegetarian/Vegan Dinner Special New Year's Eve.

23:30 Meditation/Ceremony with circle of fire “Exhale 2019 – Inhale 2020”

24:00 Grapes and “Gongonadas” (bells with the Gong). New Year's opening with a “World Dance and Music” party: dynamic dances and games, costumes, special New Year's raffle, AcroYoga exhibition and many more surprises.

*We encourage you to bring your costume, we already have ours 

*If you have a musical instrument, join the band 


SATURDAY 1 (New Year):

10:00 Cool breakfast “Chocolatada”

12:00 Special AcroYoga class to welcome the new year.

14:00 Special New Year's meal

15:00 Rest

17:00 Yoga as a couple 

18:00 Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

20:30 Dinner

22:00 Sat Sanga, let's fly, play and sing (Group dynamics)

23:00 Rest



7:30 Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation Class

9:00 Breakfast

10:00 Multilevel AcroYoga Workshop

12:30 Excursion

14:00 Lunch

15:30 Farewell circle

**All activities in the program are optional, this means that you are free not to participate in any of them if you feel like it or you need a little more free time

trira 3.jpg



Are Laura Beltran andDavid Barreto, certified teachers of Yoga, AcroYoga and healing arts.

Practitioners and teachers of traditional Ashtanga Yoga, and members and practitioners in the teaching of Bhakti Yoga, we firmly believe in the path of knowledge and devotion of Yoga as a path to a fuller, balanced, conscious and peaceful life. 

Founders of the Acroyoga Prem school and Hanuman Yoga School. David has training in India and the United States in philosophy, therapies (Pancha Karma) and Ayurveda massage (Abhyanga) and Thai massage. Laura trained in art therapy, Yoga, Acroyoga and Reiki Mastery.  We invite you to feel like a free soul through these disciplines, which we will share with dance, music, meditation and personal growth.

"Living better is possible, changing what is internal that can be reflected in everything external that surrounds you."


David Barreto (Deva)

Hello, I am David Barreto, International Yoga and AcroYoga Teacher. I help deepen the practice of students and teachers through inverted courses, yoga and meditation challenges, trainings and retreats.


Laura Beltrán

Yoga changed my life and the way I manage my mind and my emotions.

Now I am dedicated to transmitting this ancient art so that you can also feel its benefits. My name is Laura Beltrán, I am a certified Yoga and Acroyoga teacher and lover of art and communication.

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  • Instagram
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An international member of the teaching of Bhakti Yoga, he runs his two schools together with Laura, dedicated to training in Hatha Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga and AcroYoga, as well as spiritual practices of philosophy, meditation, mantra chanting and devotional service.

David Barreto began yoga in 1997 (Bhakti, Hatha Sivananda and Ayurveda) and from 1998 he lived for 5 years in a Vaishnava ashrama (Bhakti Yoga monastery) learning different spiritual practices between philosophy, meditation, mantra chanting and devotional service. Since then and until now he has continued his practice and studies in the tradition under the guidance of Vaishnavas teachers. In 2000 he began to teach his first hatha yoga sivananda and philosophy classes between Mexico and Colombia. In 2005 he began practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, making these two styles his main practice and teaching along with Bhakti. In 2007 he was attracted to the game and connection that AcroYoga offered and later took the path of training to become a teacher.

 David continued traveling to different countries developing these practices and studies with numerous international professors and teachers.

Integral Yoga and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher. Ashtanga Yoga practitioner and teacher. Art therapist and Graduate in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Lover of art and communication.

Yoga and art are the two engines that move her life and are her way of communicating with the world. She firmly trusts in the creative power of people and in the ability of Yoga to enhance this innate quality in us.

In 2000 Laura began her path in Yoga through meditation, with practices related to mindfulness and breathing. Later he learned about the practice of asanas in Yoga through Hatha Yoga. She specialized as a Reiki Master in 2015, and in 2016 she decided to begin her training as an Integral Yoga teacher, also later becoming certified in Hatha Vinyasa. He began his practice of Ashtanga Yoga in 2017, and since 2018 it has become his personal practice along with Bhakti Yoga, the year in which, after 12 years in the world of design in a multinational, he decided to permanently leave the corporate world to dedicate himself to design. transmission of Yoga to other people. 



  • Alojamiento (según opción escogida)

Opción A en habitación compartida:

-Cama en habitación compartida con calefacción (Literas) y baño compartido.

-Ropa de cama


**Traer Toallas, gel y champú.

  • Salas de práctica y uso de todos los espacios e instalaciones de Can Massot.

  • Todos los Talleres y Actividades del Programa.

  • Material de yoga disponible en las instalaciones (cojines, banquetas, mantas, esterillas,etc)

    *Siempre recomendamos, si te es posible traigas tu esterilla de yoga, para una mejor práctica e higiéne.

  • Todas las comidas (vegetariana/vegana), desde la cena del Viernes 31 hasta la comida del Domingo 2.

  • Cena especial fin de año y comida especial de año nuevo.

    Menús para celíacos, intolerancias, alergias, etc (solo bajo petición)

  • Barra libre de infusiones, té, café, galletas y fruta.


**Para la gente que necesita dormir sola, tener habitación con baño o compartir con menos gente disponemos de otras habitaciones con suplemento.

A continuación, detallamos el tipo de habitaciones exclusivas que disponemos (puedes ver los precios de cada opción más abajo):

Opción B en habitación doble (capacidad 2-3 personas) :

  • Cama en habitación doble con calefacción  con baño compartido.

  • Ropa de cama

  • Mantas

**Traer Toallas, gel y champú.

Opción C en habitación  suite (capacidad 2-3 personas):

  • Cama en habitación suite con calefacción  con baño propio.

  • Ropa de cama

  • Mantas

  • Toallas

  • Gel ducha y champú


El desplazamiento hasta Can Massot ( Belianes, Líria)



*Hasta el 24 de Diciembre  Descuento Early Bird

  • Opción A en habitación compartida:







  • Opción B en habitación doble (capacidad 2-3 personas):

+15 euros por persona y día (TOTAL 380 e) *Consultar disponibilidad.Con dto. Early Bird 360 € (TARIFA VIGENTE)

  • Opción C en habitación  suite (capacidad 2-3 personas):

+30 euros por persona y día (TOTAL 410 e) *Consultar disponibilidad. Con dto. Early Bird 390 € (TARIFA VIGENTE)



  1. Rellenar el formulario. ( Allí encontrarás los datos para realizar el pago)

  2. Pagar la reserva (50% del total)

  3. Enviar tu justificante de pago a o al 658 79 77 01 WhatsApp

  4. Recibirás un correo de confirmación al finalizar el proceso.

**La plaza no quedará reservada hasta que recibamos el justificante del pago.

*No es necesaria experiencia previa en ninguna disciplina.
*No es necesario venir en pareja.
*Entre todos nos apoyamos para construir la práctica.


+34 658 79 77 01 /  +34 678 25 45 65

Before €350Now on Early Bird discount €295 (CURRENT RATE)


Cancellation by the organization.

– The organization reserves the right to cancel the retreat, in case the minimum group size is not reached or due to any official restrictions related to covid19. In the event that there are partial restrictions on mobility, the retreat would go ahead, participants may be provided, if necessary, with a travel pass for training.

– If the retreat is canceled by the organization, the full amount paid will be refunded immediately.

– Airline tickets, transportation or personal expenses would not be covered.

Cancellation by the participant.

-Once the reservation is made, the deposit is non-refundable, unless the event is canceled or due to force majeure.

-Cancellations must always be confirmed by telephone and in writing via email.

¿Tienes alguna pregunta? ¡Escríbenos!

+34 658 79 77 01

+34 678 25 45 65

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