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Maeva Garcia

She is half French and half Spanish. He has been traveling the world teaching French for 10 years and has now finally settled in the South-West of France.

Since she was little, she has always liked to be upside down or stretching, doing a handstand, spreading her legs... like a monkey! As an adult, she did several years of Pole Dance and climbing and little by little she became interested in Yoga, first with Asanas and then with meditation and Pranayama. She trained as a Yoga teacher in 2018. Acroyoga has infiltrated her life for the last 5 years without her realizing it! Practicing from time to time with people I met around the world. Maeva was certified as an AcroYoga teacher in August 2019. For me AcroYoga is a perfect fusion of what I like to work on most: balance, strength and flexibility. I love the connection that is created between the flyer and the base and the concentration that is needed on both sides, it is like a meditation... but with many moments of laughter!


Now I teach and am developing the small Acroyoga community in Hossegor, in the Landes (France). If you pass by here, write to me!




Greetings and I hope to see you soon to fly!

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