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Javier Guerrero

Javier studied economics for years and it was a trip to India that changed his life, he discovered Yoga, Ayurveda and conscious eating. That trip transformed him and made him begin his dedication to organic food, kitesurfing and the things he loved. He trained as a Yoga teacher in 2013 and had his first encounter with AcroYoga in Bali, that same year. AcroYoga planted a little seed in his heart that has evolved and has led him to train as a teacher and to be an enthusiast for sharing this art with all those he meets along his path. Wishing that seed continues to grow and meet you all flying and playing.

Javier participates in Acroyoga meetings regularly and is part of the Multilevel Immersions team at the AcroyogaPrem school.

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!Contact¡        +34 617353808


Marbella, Spain.

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