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Sabadell, Spain

Catalan, Castilian

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David Galan

A computer scientist by profession, I have always practiced various sports disciplines, both as a team and individually: basketball, climbing, inline skating, horseback riding, surfing,... and I like to think that from each of them I extract that point of camaraderie, strength, agility and reflexes that are so necessary in acroyoga. It was precisely at a surf camp that I had my first contact with yoga, as a complement to the main activity. It wasn't the best structured class I've seen since then, nor the most technical or spiritual, but it did make me want to go deeper. 

Thus, in the least expected way, it all began. Almost from the beginning of my practice I began to experiment with acroyoga and gain experience and skills in practicing both as a couple and individually. Little by little I have gone deeper, getting to know styles, improving in practice and training. I declare myself passionate about inverts and acroyoga and I practice whenever I have the opportunity. 

I am an acroyoga teacher with acroyogaprem, yoga (200h) and D-gravity. 

I currently teach acroyoga workshops with Jenifer Pérez, one of the best flyers you can find ;)

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