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Costa Rica

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Daniel Chinchilla Solano

Daniel is an acroyogi who began his learning in Costa Rica, since 2014, sharing and experimenting in various festivals, workshops and classes for several years. In 2022 he travels to Europe with the intention of deepening his training as a teacher and joins the Acroyogaprem school, where he receives instruction in Castellón de la Plana, Spain. 


Once certified in Acroyogaprem, he begins a trip to various countries to learn more communities and improve his technique, in his search to connect with acroyoga students and teachers around the world. 


He is passionate about the arts, a practitioner of jiu jitsu, parkour, capoeira and various acrobatics. Delighted with the practice of hand to hand, pops and therapeutic flight, both flying and base.

But the most important thing is his strong desire to share his learnings on the path of life, the community and the respect that we deserve in the process of each one as an individual. 

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