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BENEFITS of acroyoga

In acroyoga we can see countless benefits that increase thanks to connection and play, we mention some:

  • Overcoming fears and insecurities through positive teamwork, as we support each other.

  • Discovering our limitations and abilities allows us to use what is favorable to overcome obstacles.

  • Development of agility, balance, strength, flexibility, reflexes and resistance.

  • Greater awareness of our body when working alone or as a couple.

  • It reduces anxiety, when performed as a form of play with other people it allows us to enter a state of energetic fluidity, as well as clearing the mind of tensions.

  • Create fun and happy moments due to the atmosphere of coexistence, the complicity to overcome challenges while we play.

  • It allows us to develop other forms of communication and listening.

  • Generates awareness of safety and care of others and oneself.

  • Stimulates creativity and nurtures an adventurous spirit to create shapes and explore like a child.

  • It enhances our way of experiencing teamwork and experiencing ourselves.

  • Cultivating trust is very powerful, it opens up infinite possibilities

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