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¿Have you got what it takes to teach AcroYoga?

Our Teacher Training Course is for all those who wish to learn the AcroYoga study plan; to deepen your own practice but most importantly to prepare yourself to teach in an effective, safe, eloquent and creative way.

In other words; the Teacher Training is to prepare you to teach AcroYoga.

The Teacher Training is not for building an advanced personal practice; it is to ensure that you can teach the basics of AcroYoga in a clear, coherent and professional way to your students.  


On your own and with a teaching partner


Learn the art and science of teaching acroyoga and experience the transforming power of our unique solo and with-partner teaching method. Within our crew of AYP teachers you will find everything you need to start your career as an acroyoga devotee. Honest relationships and sincere professional friendships which will last your entire life.  


growing together


We are a continually-growing school with teachers in Spain and other places in Europe. A team of professionals in constant development who have chosen to take this path that has the power to transform our lives, making positive changes through games, connection and movement. Prepare yourself to meet the incredible human beings who will be there to lift you up any time you fall down.


ability building


When you start an AYP Teacher Training we will make sure you have the most solid base to be able to grow in your learning and practice. Our progressive teaching opens an accessible and fun path for you to be able meet even the most difficult challenges. You will also learn abilities to help you make a living and build communities through yoga, acrobatics, body work, physical conditioning and festivals.


David and Laura are a couple of dedicated yogis, with more than ten years of teaching experience. Acroyoga motivates them in their work together. You will receive the best support from them, as a student and as a teacher.