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HISTORIA del acroyoga

Curiously, just as we find within the ancient texts of India many mythological stories related to Yoga, we also find mythological stories related to acrobatics. In the Ramayana, for example, it tells of the Mandaris, mystical travelers who entertained kings with acts of acrobatics and magic, usually the Mandaris traveled with a monkey or some other animal trained for the show.


Acrobatics and yoga have been mixed in many ways for thousands of years. The father of modern yoga Krishnamacharya pioneered the fusion of these arts. In the following video from 1938 you can see the teacher on one of his trips through India doing exhibitions with children in postures similar to those we do in AcroYoga.

Since Krishnamacharya's explorations with flying in yoga, in recent decades different practitioners have continued to merge these arts. In 1985 the acrobat Benjamín Marantz developed a therapeutic flight technique called Acrosage. Ken Nateshvar Scott, another acrobat who trained as a healer, developed Contact Yoga, a therapeutic flying and Thai massage practice.


In 1999 the term AcroYoga was popularized thanks to Canadian teachers Jessica Goldberg and Eugene Poku, both professional dancers and creators of AcroYoga Montreal whose style is directed towards creativity and performance. In 2005, emerged in California, the school founded by Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein that popularized this practice throughout the world.


Today there are many schools teaching their way of understanding this practice, in their different modalities, each of them contributes to growth in the acroyoga community, mainly transmitting the link between yoga and acrobatics.

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